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Magnet! Magnet! Download

theupstairs Magnet Music / Demajors

1. Ekspektasi Nol….
2. Ku Nobatkan Jadi Fantasi….
3. Kami Datang Untuk Musik….
4. Di Antara Haluan….
5. Radio….
6. Dekil, Kelam, Dan Suram….
7. Percakapan….
8. Tak Peduli….
9. Photogenic….
10. Ku Dengar Dia Panggil Namaku….
11. Agar Kita Semua Senang….
12. Sing Thru Me….

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THE UPSTAIRS Release “Magnet! Magnet!”

1550609122_lSetelah rilis pertama kalinya di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia pada 15 Maret silam, akhirnya dengan ini diumumkan bahwa CD terbaru The Upstairs yang telah 3 tahun lamanya ditunggu-tunggu, Magnet! Magnet! dijual untuk pertama kalinya di Indonesia pada 28 Maret 2009 pukul 16:00 – 18:00 WIB di CFD FEST 2009 yang akan digelar di Hanggar Teras Pancoran, Jakarta.

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THE UPSTAIRS (Ku Nobatkan Jadi Fantasi)

To celebrate the independence day of Indonesia, Jakarta new wave band, The Upstairs, released their mini album (EP) with six songs to all of their fans around the world via Yes No Wave Music. According to the vocalist, this EP was a gift from The Upstairs to Modern Darlings who already been supportive from the early carrier of the band. This is the first Yes No Wave Music release with mainstream band and also to ensure that this label didn’t build any limitation to any genre or music industry area.

There’s only one new song in this album. The others song was an old material which have a different point to be heard. The “Alexander Graham Bell” and “Television” single has already been released in “JKT:SKRG” compilation from Aksara Records which must be unfamiliar to the ears of The Upstairs fans from many places around the world. Collecting and listening to the live concert records always become very interesting, especially for someone who never seen this band on stage. In “Terekam (Tak Pernah Mati)” single, we could hear the silly speech of Jimi Multhazam which proved the reason why this band become favourable to many youngsters and having dozens of performance in many school events. The other single with live version, “Lompat”, which being performed with acoustic instruments, will entertain you in different ways.

Someday, this EP could be a classic collection. And it’s very important to remember that a digital data could be easily lost or damaged. So, go download this album right away and keep it very carefully. (Wok The Rock). for indonesian version here.

Track List :

01. Ku Nobatkan Jadi Fantasi download
02. Dansa Akhir Pekan (2008)
03. Alexander Graham Bell
04. Televisi
05. Terekam (Tak Pernah Mati) (Live)
06. Lompat (Live Accoustic Set)

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